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Franchise Opportunities

Part of Momentum success has been based on horizontal expansion and growth relying on franchising and its network partners to play a major role in the System’s success and expansion. Momentum’s remains committed to franchising as a predominant pillar of doing business and developing the systems ensuring structured and controlled growth with unwavering client service standards.

Our brand equity is growing nationally and globally and we are always on the lookout for serious interested investors who want to own and operate a momentum franchise and utilize momentum franchise system to ensure success.

We are currently seeking qualified Investors who are interested in acquiring the franchise rights and system to a particular country or countries.

Owning a momentum franchise can be an excellent source of stable profits and return on investment. In addition to having access to momentum’s proven franchise system and brand name, you will receive ongoing access to our latest systems, technologies and one-on- one support to run your business.

Put the momentum name and over 10+ years of positive brand recognition & experience to work for you.

Franchise opportunities are available. Please enquire on the availability of specific territories. Join Us. Fill in the below form

Momentum offers a franchise system for serious investors around the world.


Momentum provides you with a proven business format and system to follow. Operational procedures and marketing strategies that have been successful for other franchisees. This eliminates much of the trial and error and costs associated with starting a business from scratch, as well as reducing the financial exposure.


From a marketing perspective, you will be offered the benefit of a strong brand equity and recognition. Because will start an operation that features an established brand name and equity, you'll likely need to spend less money and effort on establishing the name to potential customers.


We will provide initial and ongoing training for you and your employees regarding franchise operations. This can be especially beneficial if you're a first-time business owner or new to the particular type of business.


You will benefit from Momentum regional advertising campaigns. This will help direct business to your company. You are also able to supplement this with your own local marketing campaigns which will double the effect .


You will have exclusive access to momentum product, service portfolio and new product development initiatives at competitive prices which will provide growth opportunities in your market / region.


You will enjoy exclusivity in a specific geographical area such as a county or city. This ensures that you won't lose business to a franchise owned by another entity. This is also an advantage if your goal is to open several franchise units over time within your territory.

If interested in working with us, Please fill in the below application we will review the application and will get in touch with you

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